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Hot stones plus Indian head or Reflexology

Our Reflexology uses pressure points to activate your body’s own natural healing process. Great after a day of activities. Combine this with our Hot Stones massage to soothe your aching muscles.

Full body massage plus Hot Stones

Our well being treatment uses medium pressure, Swedish strokes and aromatherapy oils to deliver a relaxed treatment that rejuvenates and improves muscle flexibility. Combine this with our Hot Stones massage to soothe your aching muscles.

Full body plus scalp massage and foot scrub

Choose your depth of massage with either deep tissue, Medium or light pressure. To soothe away tensions and work on areas that are tight. Combined with scalp massage to relax and nourish and finish with a foot scrub and massage.

Detox full body treatment

Our detox treatment includes a full body dry brush to stimulate your lymphatic system followed by a full massage to relax and release Toxins and finished with a Indian Head massage.

Full back massage plus Indian Head massage

Designed to release tension through the shoulders, neck and head.

Facial plus Scalp Therapy 60 minute

Our Facial will start with a full consultation that will decide which products best suit your skin individually. This will then be followed by scalp therapy which will completely relax and melt away tension.

Mini Facial & Makeup

We will prep your skin with our mini facial for all day makeup. Cleanse, exfoliate, tone, moisturise & priming your skin ready for your makeup application from our professional MUA, who will listen to your needs and provide the look you are going for, using the best products and equipment to get the best results.

Yoga - Choose Your Flow

Choose your flow - from Yoga Sculpt,  a strengthening all over workout,  Vinyasa Yoga which is a  more dynamic flow or a gentle, immersive flow with Hatha Yoga. Great for corporate wellness, Hen weekends or a family/friend experience.  Our professional instructor can come to you or we can organise a suitable venue (at an extra cost).

*Minimum call out £90 per class. Discounts for consecutive classes.

1-2-Transformational Life Coaching

Helps you dramatically shift your mindset so that you can step in to the best version of you. Our Coach helps you deepen your relationship with yourself and uncover what might be holding you back from achieving your goals. You will leave this session ready to take action and build the life of your dreams.

Group Fitness Classes

Our full body HIIT style workouts focused on cardio intervals combined with resistance training. This class is great if you're looking to boost your mood, increase your energy and get you out of your comfort zone while getting a full body workout. Choose your workout playlist and leave the rest up to us.

Manifest Your Dreams Workshop

Allows you to deep dive into your desires and unleash the creator within you. Our Coach guides you through their 5 steps to Manifesting Your Dreams and shares some powerful tools for cultivating more self love and attracting more of what you want into your life. You will leave this session inspired and ready to harness the full power of the universe.

Well-ness Package

Full body plus scalp massage and foot scrub. 

Allow us to fill the room with the sent of essential spa oils to quickly relax you. Then we will ease away your stresses and strains of everyday life, ease tensions and soothe aching muscles, improve blood and lymph flow and give a feeling of well-being with our full body massage. 

Followed by our scalp therapy which will leave you feeling detached and serene, relieving aches, pains and tension in your neck, back and shoulders and stimulating the hair follicles it is said to improve the texture of your hair and encourage hair growth.Finally a Foot scrub. 

When it comes to beauty regimens, feet are often overlooked. We know that a foot massage releases a lot of tension and feels amazing but received after a foot scrub and we are on another level. Hot mitts will be used to remove the scrub then a cooling peppermint foot rub, leaving you totally relaxed and in a zone of Zen. 

Add  on Yoga 1-2-1 (when available) 
Add on Yoga Group session (when available)

Shrinking Violet

Shrinking Violet is a technique that is so powerful, that a 60 minute seeing can shrink your waistline by 2 inches. 

Back, neck, shoulders with Scalp Therapy

A deeply relaxing treatment for those who hold tension in their shoulders and mind, focusing on acupressure points, a full body massage, working up to the neck and scalp helping to release tight, tense muscles. 

Using essential oils of lavender and jojoba with argan to nourish the hair and scalp. This oil will help improve follicular strength and increase circulation of the scalp.

Our luxurious Hydrating Glycolic Peel

A two-part Hydrating Peel which improves skin exfoliation to reveal younger-looking Hydrated skin.

After the Peel, a soothing mask will be applied whilst a relaxing arm and hand massage is performed. The skin will be then massaged with rose oil and cool jade crystal stones to improve circulation and blood flow to the tissues.  This will be followed by a second mask to Hydrate, a relaxing hot oil scalp massage, serum, moisturiser,  eye and lip products.

Gua Sha Facial

Incredibly relaxing therapy that is performed using gentle strokes to massage, manipulate and stimulate specific energy lines and points along the face using a jade crystal Gua Sha tool. 

This helps to promote healthy lymph flow to release toxins and iron out the fascia (connective tissue) resulting in a more toned, hydrated and beautiful lifted skin, followed by mask, hot oil scalp massage, serum,  moisturiser,  eye and lip products.

Truffle Deluxe Facial

Our crème de la crème Facial.

Our Truffle Range is expertly crafted to rejuvenate, replenish and reduce lines and wrinkles, plus a very unique ingredient called Happybelle-PE a breakthrough ingredient designed to give you “Ive just had good news” radiance. Blended with celebration ingredients like Diamond Powder, Strawberry and Champagne extract. Our Truffle family simply leaves your skin unbelievably brighter, hydrated and gorgeously treated.

Repose Aromatherapy Facial

A vitamin-rich Repose Facial will calm, relax, soothe and settle, its rich in natural plant extracts, antioxidants and a fusion of relaxing essential oils, it will leave your complexion ultra-smooth, moisturised and settled, whilst working to calm and aid relaxation.

Infused with hops to encourage restful sleep and help promote firmer skin, REPOSE Facial is a wonderful treat when you and your skin need a rest and want to wake up feeling revived!

The cashmere texture glides on the skin and is quickly absorbed. The superb, fragrant blend of chamomile, frankincense, lavender, patchouli, geranium, bitter orange and clary essential oils are all renowned for aiding deep relaxation and bringing a sense of calm.

Be-Calm Facial

Just to be safe, the day before we suggest nothing too harsh or stimulating, Instead we suggests opting for hydrating and calming serums, toners and masks to soothe and quench the skin. Our BE range is just the job, Be Gone Kind-hearted cleanser, Be Quiet Soothing Toner, Be Calm soothing face mask and finally our Be Still Settling Moisturiser.

The Perfect Balance Facial

Our super-intelligent Combiderm complex nourishes and hydrates dry areas whilst working in harmony to bring balance & oil control. Vitamin A stimulates Collagen formation while vitamin B, C and E increase elasticity, reduce roughness, smooth wrinkles and hydrate.

Lets Nourish Facial

Ready for skin that looks hydrated and bright?  Formulas that are moisture-drenching, boost, replenish and rehydrate, all you need to bring life to dull or tired skin. This facial gives skin the ultimate in hydration, leaving skin looking dewy and glowing with health and vitality.

Purify Facial

This is our refreshing, cooling and oil banishing hero of a facial. State of the art formulas crafted to target shine and excess oil. This is facial you need if you want to decongest and purify your skin.

Hair Up/ Occasion Hair

Our talented stylists are experienced and will work with your hair ideas to create the look you’re looking for.

Occasion Make-up

Black tie, Prom, Birthday, Hen what-ever the occasion our MUA’s have the skills to create beautiful Make-up.

Pre-wedding package

The day before your big day should be all about relaxation. Make sure you look your best the next day with some skincare and pampering. 

Let’s start you off with a Shrinking Violet Body Wrap. 

Shrinking Violet is a technique that is so powerful, that a 60 minute session can shrink waistlines by up to 2 inches.

When can I see the results?

Immediate results can be seen. The amount of inch-loss varies, depending on your build and metabolism, but many people may reduce by at least 2 inches around their middle. Who wouldn’t want to feel less bloated in their dress. 

While your wrap is working it’s magic we’ll do your:

Be-Calm Facial

Just to be safe, the day before we suggest nothing too harsh or stimulating, Instead we suggests opting for hydrating and calming serums, toners and masks to soothe and quench the skin. Our BE range is just the job, Be Gone Kind-hearted cleanser, Be Quiet Soothing Toner, Be Calm soothing face mask and finally our Be Still Settling Moisturiser.

Followed by a Hot Stone Massage is massage therapy used to help you relax and ease tense muscles and damaged soft tissues throughout your body. During a hot stone massage, smooth, flat, heated stones are placed on specific parts of your body. All this will send you into a zone a zen, to help you get a good night's sleep! 

Add on Yoga 1-2-1 (when available)
Add on group session (when available) 

Bridal Hair

Our talented stylist will help you create the hair of your dreams for your special day.

Bridal Make-up

Lets us inspire you for your big day with make-up that’s flawless, weightless and lasts all day.

EASE your SOLE - Legs & Feet Treatment

Why not add this to any treatment?!

Sugar Buff is a deliciously fragranced, Mediterranean- inspired sugar scrub with the most luscious texture that removes dead skin cells and encourages cell renewal to reveal silky smooth skin. A gorgeous, skin-boosting blend including hydrating olive and grape seed oil, fig, pomegranate, vitamin E plus a relaxing cocktail of essential oils including lavender, patchouli, clove, eucalyptus and rosemary. This is then removed with Hot Mitts which really is a special treat. Follow this with our AAAHH cooling gel packed with fermented minerals for tired feet & legs that helps to reduce puffiness, refresh and revive.

Don’t you just hate it when your legs feel heavy & restless?

This lightweight, refreshing formula is a real saviour against muscle fatigue, especially when you’ve been standing or working hard for too long.

Rich in Mediterranean botanicals that help to cool down and packed with 5 fermented minerals to ease overworked muscles including magnesium, iron & zinc.

It really does go AAAHHH! Treat your legs and feet.


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