What is LED Beam Light Lashes

And what is so Special about the Beam Light System?

✅ The eyelash glue is 100% cured immediately and clients are allowed to let water touch their eyelashes directly. There is no more “48h no water rule” anymore. With normal eyelash glue, misbehavior on the part of the customer can have a strong negative impact on the durability. With BEAM LIGHT, you no longer have to worry about this.

✅ The retention is EXTREMELY improved. The eyelashes last until the natural eyelash falls out. NO normal eyelash glue achieves such durability.

Even more advantages

✅ Your customer’s allergy risk is reduced by 80% because because the glue is directly cured, it no longer emits fumes. Normal eyelash adhesives take about 48 hours to cure completely and continue to emit fumes during this period.

Safe and professional.

Our system has been tested over 2 years in cooperation with external testing laboratories and is 100% safe for the human eye and skin. It complies with all current standards and requirements. Of course, our device is CE certified.

In summary, the BEAM LIGHT system solves ALL the problems that lash stylists usually have. That’s why we say: It is the future of eyelash extensions.