Glass Skin

Glass Skin is a term for exceptionally smooth, even-toned and lustrous skin that’s so flawless it has the appearance of glass.


How to Get Glass Skin.


Achieving glass skin requires a multidimensional approach. The surface of the skin must be extremely clean and smooth..


First things First,

Start with clean skin, double cleanse in the morning to refresh and wash off your night cream and in the evening repeat to wash off the days grime that will harm your skin over night. You are not going to achieve glass like skin without cleaning your skin twice a day, everyday.


Secondly, Exfoliate

You cannot have clear smooth skin without exfoliation.. Two to Three times a week is ideal to avoid sensitive skin. Once a month to slough away dead skin your monthly facial should include some kind of exfoliation (such as chemical peel or microderabration)


Next, Tone

Alcohol toners should be ignored because they are too drying. Your toner should be a alcohol-free facial cleansing toner that cools and refreshes your skin.

The cleansing finale of your daily skincare routine! Toning removes deeply embedded debris and the final traces of cleanser, to leave skin squeaky clean and ready for your favourite moisturiser. Wonderfully calming, soothing, and full to the brim with goodness to ensure pores are refined, toned and hydrated. It’s quite an essential skin treatment!


Add an Essence

Essences are less-concentrated than serums, essences tend to be lightweight and watery (something between serums and toners) they deliver mega hydration.


Injectable moisturisers

are right on trend to give Glass like Skin,  Hyluraronic Acid  skin boosters like Seventy Hyal or Vitaran super hydrate, improve texture, elasticity and overall appearance.







Your serum should contain a high level of active ingredients. These concentrates should help nourish, reverse the signs of aging, promote collagen and hydrate.



Moisturising is a no-brainer, look for one that gives maximum moisture and gives that luminescent look.


Eye Cream

You can have glass like skin if you have bags or dryness under the eyes. use a daily eye cream or serum. Lumieye is also fantastic for dark circles and fine lines around the eye.


Seal with a Face Oil

Adding a face oil is the ultimate finisher for your Glass Skin routine. Not only does it nourish and seal in moisture, but it protects against daily stressors.



Skin that is weathered from the suns UV rays wont shine.



Masks should soothe, repair and lock in moisture. We recommend dong this 2-3 times a week.


Lets Talk Facials.

We believe everyone should have a monthly facial of some kind. Regular facials are the best anti-ageing prevention and can also turn back the clock. Here at BB we offer a full range of machine facials from Microdermabrasion, Neogen Plasma (Shirley Ballas), Dr Platon to Chemical Peels.


Lifestyle Factors for Getting Glass Skin

Sleep:- They dont call it beauty sleep for nothing!


Exercise:- Everytime your heart pumps, blood is bring oxygen to the skin cells.


Healthy Fats:- If your serious about getting that Glassey Glow than Healthy fats are where its at. Salmon, Tuna, Mackerel and avocado’s will keep your skin looking hydrated, moisturised and supple.


Fruit, Vegetables and Nuts:- Choose leafy greens, peppers, blueberries, grapes and nuts for foods that are high in antioxidants.